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Frequently Asked Questions

How is credit scored?

  • Bad credit is a credit score is between 300 and 559

  • Fair credit scores are usually between 560 and 659

  • Good credit is a score between 660 and 724

  • Very good credit is a score between 725 and 759

                                     Do you perform a credit check?

We do not conduct a credit check on our clients as it attributes to a clien'ts credit rating. We pair our clients with trusted lenders and investors soley based on their monthly income.

                              What do I need to qualify for a loan?

The qualifications are simple. Age of majority in your province, monthly income minimum of $1000.

                               How fast can I receive my loan?

   We fund our clients with their loans within 24 hours guaranteed.

                                How will I receive my loan?

We E-transfer our clients loans ensuring a fast turnaround time.

           Do you report payments to the credit bureau agencies?

We report our client's payments to both Equifax and TransUnion in an effort to increase our client's credit rating.

                             Can I pay off my loan early?

All of our loans are open, meaning that our client's are able to pay off their loan early without facing any penalties.

  • Excellent credit scores are from 760 to 900 (900 is very hard to get).

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